Rich McCor, cuts by the world

Rich_McCor_paperboyo_Cultura_Inquieta2I joined instagram to re-ignite my interest in photography, but I quickly realised that I was taking the same photos as everyone else. So I had the idea of using a simple paper cutout to turn Big Ben into a wristwatch. Whilst I took that photo, a father and daughter took an interest in what I was doing and encouraged me to do more.



  • It shows in your pictures different hands. Do you usually work alone? Or Do you have someone to help you out?

All the hands are my own, sometimes to make an image work I need to hold up more than just two pieces of paper. If that’s the case then I’ll put my camera on a tripod and take the photos and then layer them up in photoshop. I try not to make a habit of photoshopping the cut-outs though, but I do use photoshop to grade the photos to make them look as good as possible.12256899_966953213376518_1906148994_n

  • How do you manage to make a living? Do you work as a photograph professionally?

My day-job is with a creative agency in London, so I’m fortunate in that I earn a living by being creative. For the moment though, the cut-out photography is just a hobby.

  • We have been checking out your trajectory and you’ve visited cities such as Paris,London, Amsterdam, Stockholm…but mostly of them were taken in London. Is it your main workplace?Are there any special city would you like to go?

London is my hometown and so it’s where I began taking the photos and playing around with the concept. I’m always discovering new buildings and locations here, so it’s my playground for photography. However, New York City would be an incredible place to visit and create some images. I think the architecture, culture and their inventiveness is ripe for my style of photography.

  • The 99k followers in Instagram are the reflection of your success, Are you surprised about this reputation?

11906176_1174147872613626_1984964055_nAbsolutely, yes. Before my Instagram became well known I had about 5k followers that it had taken me months to earn. Then suddenly I went from 5k to 60k in a couple of weeks- it’s fantastic though, I’m very lucky to have a hobby that other people seem to enjoy.

  • Last but not least, Which are your plans for the future?

If the exposure that my IG now has can lead to some more travel, then I’d be very happy. I’d love to be in Rio for the Olympics, so we’ll see if I can make that happen.

  • Follow the chain of talent

There’s a guy who has an IG account called “@icarus.mid.air”. He creates a paper crane every day and post’s it on his account. His creativity and craftsmanship is humbling.